Today is my Dad’s 81st birthday.  I can’t believe that he is that young. 🙂  There is so much that I have to thank my dad for.  I have to thank him for making me, me.

1)      He gave me a passion for God.  I remember him pouring over the Bible searching for what it was saying.  He is one of the few people who could ever beat me in Bible trivia.  “When in doubt say Isaiah” was one of his favorite quotes.  That was often true in that game.  Along these lines he helped me to see that you can find other ideas that are not Orthodox that may be true.  He’s been teaching prophecy in our home church for nearly 30 years, and not the Orthodox end times, but an understanding of his own.  People respect him and come to him for thoughts on the Bible because they know he understands it so well.   I have had people say similar things about me.  In fact in college they called me the RBS.  (Resident Bible Scholar) Makes me proud to be like my dad.

2)      My sense of humor.  Yes, I tell the same jokes and get the same rolling of the eyes that my dad surely still gets.  Don’t laugh at the jokes he’ll just keep going they say.  Still when I tell my jokes, I can hear my dad saying the same thing and giving that smile of his telling you, he’s just messing around.  I do the same thing.

3)      Dad also really listened to people.  Even if he might think the person was way out there.  It’s possible they might have some truth.  He respected people and really tried to care about what they had to say.   I have had many people over the years tell me all sorts of things. Why?  They tell me I’m such a good listener and don’t judge them.  I’m proud that I can be like this.  Just like my dad.

4)      He also taught me a love for nature.  I remember taking so many walks with the family in the woods. Most of the time that was in the Adirondack Mountains.   I still enjoy taking those walks even though I don’t know all the birds, trees or foot prints that I come across.  It is so beautiful to walk in the woods and watch or see nature.  Thank you dad.

5)      He has always been there for me.  I remember calling dad in college when I was looking at a friend’s Washing Machine.  Over the phone I described the problem and he told me what he thought was wrong with it.  He was right.  I have always been amazed at his knowledge of things like that.

6)      One thing that I did not get from dad is his ability to fix things.  Cars, house, appliances etc… He could fix it all.  Wish I had been able to learn that.

7)      Never going the same way.  Dad often did this.  He liked to always take a different route to places.  Maybe he wanted to break up the monotony or just explore, I don’t know but I do the same.  I like to drive all over the place and see what I can find.  I draw maps for my wife, just like dad draws maps for my mom.  Although I often use map quest since my art ability lacks.  Thanks dad for being you.

Seven is supposed to be the perfect number so I’ll stop there, even though I could go on.  No one is perfect, but my dad is close enough.  He made me the man I am today.  Thank you so much Dad and have a wonderful birthday.  Since he is not on Facebook, I’d appreciate it if someone would print this for him.

For those that love their dad, feel free to leave a story or thought about him.


The picture, I “stole” from my brothers web site.  Click on the pic to see more of his photo’s.  Thanks Davy!

Fun Predictions for 2014


Everyone seems to make predictions about the coming year.  Some get real specific about it and some don’t.  We all look forward to a coming year because it is a new start.  We can leave behind the pains of the past year and look forward to a fun and exciting year filled with promise.  I don’t know if it is ever as good as we hoped it would be but that is just life.  We often want more than what we can handle or really need.  So let’s have a little FUN and predict a few things I know will happen this year.

So as I look into my crystal ball, here are my 10 predictions for the coming year.

1)       Someone famous will pass away and we’ll all be sad.  Happens every year.  Nothing we can do about it.  It will remind us of some past good times when we enjoyed their movie, TV show, or music.  Even though it will make us sad, we will be happy in our memories.  It will help us connect with others who also share the same feelings.   We may even get out old videos of them or their music and watch or listen to them over and over just to take us out of our real lives just for a little while.   Hey we might even sell their action figures and make money off it.  That is the American way.

2)      President Obama will not be impeached for a so called impeachable act that some people don’t like.  If you really want some impeachable acts, look at our last president.  And the one before him.  And the one before him, and the one before him, and the one …. Ok, I think you get the picture.  Almost every president we have had has done something that could have gotten him impeached. So if we wanted to drag the country through an impeachment and waste our money on that instead of on things that were important we could. Of course we don’t waste any money now do we?  So, I guess whether you like him or not President Obama Is with us until January of 2017.  Vote Hillary/Jeb 2016 or is it Jeb/Hillary?

3)      Tuna.  Tuna will be the big thing.  McDonalds will offer the Tuna burger by mid August.  Then McDonalds will close and other fast food places will follow.   We will then all be a little thinner and happier for next year.

4)      My team will not win the championship.  Think about it.  No matter what sport it is there are around 30 other teams trying to win.  Odds are that my team isn’t going to win it.  Sure, they will have a good record just to tease me and give me hope that this is going to be the year.  One of them will wait until the last week of the season to fall apart and make me mad.  Another may get into the playoffs only to be beaten by that hated rival of mine.  You know who you are!  But really, I won’t be lucky enough this year to have my team win it all.  I’ll just have to wait until next year.  Oh wait it is next year.  Yeah, Go TEAM!

5)      Another possibility is that a blue and a red state will become a purple state and politics will no longer divide them.  Instead we will look at what America actually needs and work on those issues.

6)      The world will not end.  Yellowstone will not explode, a gigantic meteor will not hit the earth and the sun will not explode.  Yes there will be disasters and people will say we are nearing the end, after all each day we are getting closer.   But, it won’t be this year.  We might have some group buying Nike’s, standing on mountains, or drinking poison.  This might be their last year, but the world will keep spinning.  There is, however, a strong possibility though that Martians may invade.

7)      Some summer night this year, you won’t be able to get a song out of your head.  It will make you want to shout.  When you hear it,  you’ll be like a dancing queen and you’ll put your hands up in the air, they are playing that song once again there you’ll go on your own singing a song about your baby’s back.   Ok, do you really want to hurt me now? I guess I’ll just go get some ice baby and when you start singing it, call me….Maybe?  Hammer time!

8)      The gas problem will continue to plague us.  But maybe we should get rid of Mexicans.  After all if you eat a bean burrito you will truly have a gas problem.  But the Mexicans will keep coming and we will continue to have those problems.  Maybe we should mix the problems and see if Mexico wants to become the 51st state.  Then the beans won’t be from Mexico, but from America.  And we all know that if it is American made it must be good.  Then the gas problem will go away.  Maybe we can solve all the problems of the world like that.  All we have to do is make everyone just like us.

9)      The movie, Noah will have a flood, which ends in a rainbow.  Can a movie about God have a rainbow in it?  Noah will get confused about if he’s supposed to take 7 of the animals or 2.  The unicorn will get left off and evolve into a narwhal.  The sea water will go away and recede like my hair and people will go on with their lives, eating, drinking, and marrying just like they have for between 6,000 and 200,000 years.

Hope you have enjoyed your first day of the New Year and that this year will bring you many blessings and toilet paper.

Ten things I am thankful for and a few I’m not.


10) That I don’t shop on black Friday.  Don’t know why anyone would put themselves through that pain when you can sleep in.  I personally find all the commercialism disgraceful to the holidays that surround it. Sorry to start with a Grumpy cat moment.

9) Being stupid.  If it wasn’t for my mistakes I’d have never learned.  I’d be more of an idiot than I am now.

8) People who make me think.  Whether these are professors, friends, authors etc… I am always glad to stretch my mind with new or different thoughts.  People who simply give the basic answers that seem to simply be programmed into their beliefs or thought bore me.  So the next time I ask you how you are feeling, tell me Squirrel! Or better yet, peanut butter.

7) Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Pie,  PB & J, Reese’s cups, Peanut butter cookies, Peanut butter chicken, and anything else that has peanut butter in.  I must give one “wag of the finger” to Dairy Queen.  They discontinued the Reese’s Piece’s Blizzard.  I can never forgive you.

6) Grace.  Not just my Grandma.  (Her name was Grace)  The Grace of God and the grace from others when I mess up is something I could never say thank you enough for.  It means so much to me that there are those that care so much.

5) My friends that are always there when I need you.  Those who listen to me, do things for me, have my back, and put up with my ……………  Ah there is so much I can put in that you put up with.    I don’t know what I would do without you.

4) My cats.  All 6 of them, Jack, Einstein, Spyder, Mao, Icky, and Rosie.  Though they wake me up at all hours of the night, fight over my lap, cost me mega amounts of money, eat or lick everything plastic, they bring me so much love.  How can you ever be angry when you have a cat curled up on your lap?

3) My family.  Even though we fight, have disappointments, differences in opinions, etc…  I still love you so much and care for you deeply.  I may not be the favorite (inside joke) but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is how special each and every one of you is to me.

2) My parents, who taught me so much and whom I am so like.  The older I get the more I think how much I am like them.  Especially like dad, corny jokes and all.  They gave me love for kids, reading, learning, God, and family among other things.  Without them I’d never have become the person that I am now.  Love you so much Mom and Dad!

1) My wife.  What can I say here?  She has been such a support in our 10 ½ years of marriage.  I’d be lost without her.  Even though she has been through so much physically and mentally over the past few years she has always been there for me.  She is the rattlesnake to my elephant.  Don’t think anyone else could have put up with me the way she has.  She certainly deserves a few Halos.  Love you!

Honorable mention:  My church family.  I have not been attending for very long, but you make me feel loved.  The Yankees, even though my wife is always glad when they are eliminated. My job, it is so much fun I can’t believe I get paid to work with those kids!

So what are you thankful for?