Today is my Dad’s 81st birthday.  I can’t believe that he is that young. 🙂  There is so much that I have to thank my dad for.  I have to thank him for making me, me.

1)      He gave me a passion for God.  I remember him pouring over the Bible searching for what it was saying.  He is one of the few people who could ever beat me in Bible trivia.  “When in doubt say Isaiah” was one of his favorite quotes.  That was often true in that game.  Along these lines he helped me to see that you can find other ideas that are not Orthodox that may be true.  He’s been teaching prophecy in our home church for nearly 30 years, and not the Orthodox end times, but an understanding of his own.  People respect him and come to him for thoughts on the Bible because they know he understands it so well.   I have had people say similar things about me.  In fact in college they called me the RBS.  (Resident Bible Scholar) Makes me proud to be like my dad.

2)      My sense of humor.  Yes, I tell the same jokes and get the same rolling of the eyes that my dad surely still gets.  Don’t laugh at the jokes he’ll just keep going they say.  Still when I tell my jokes, I can hear my dad saying the same thing and giving that smile of his telling you, he’s just messing around.  I do the same thing.

3)      Dad also really listened to people.  Even if he might think the person was way out there.  It’s possible they might have some truth.  He respected people and really tried to care about what they had to say.   I have had many people over the years tell me all sorts of things. Why?  They tell me I’m such a good listener and don’t judge them.  I’m proud that I can be like this.  Just like my dad.

4)      He also taught me a love for nature.  I remember taking so many walks with the family in the woods. Most of the time that was in the Adirondack Mountains.   I still enjoy taking those walks even though I don’t know all the birds, trees or foot prints that I come across.  It is so beautiful to walk in the woods and watch or see nature.  Thank you dad.

5)      He has always been there for me.  I remember calling dad in college when I was looking at a friend’s Washing Machine.  Over the phone I described the problem and he told me what he thought was wrong with it.  He was right.  I have always been amazed at his knowledge of things like that.

6)      One thing that I did not get from dad is his ability to fix things.  Cars, house, appliances etc… He could fix it all.  Wish I had been able to learn that.

7)      Never going the same way.  Dad often did this.  He liked to always take a different route to places.  Maybe he wanted to break up the monotony or just explore, I don’t know but I do the same.  I like to drive all over the place and see what I can find.  I draw maps for my wife, just like dad draws maps for my mom.  Although I often use map quest since my art ability lacks.  Thanks dad for being you.

Seven is supposed to be the perfect number so I’ll stop there, even though I could go on.  No one is perfect, but my dad is close enough.  He made me the man I am today.  Thank you so much Dad and have a wonderful birthday.  Since he is not on Facebook, I’d appreciate it if someone would print this for him.

For those that love their dad, feel free to leave a story or thought about him.


The picture, I “stole” from my brothers web site.  Click on the pic to see more of his photo’s.  Thanks Davy!